Are you struggling to attract women because you think you’re ugly, shy, awkward, or overweight? Do you lack the confidence to talk to girls and feel like they always ignore you in favor of more confident, better-looking guys?
Or maybe you’re doing fine with the ladies but want to take your game to the next level.

If any of this sounds like you, Kate Spring promises she’s got the solution. Her new eBook, The Obsession Method, is designed to help you get any woman you want, regardless of how good-looking, rich, or confident you are.


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 “I had tried ABSOLUTE EVERYTHING to attract women. I’m going on a date next Saturday, thanks to Miss Kate”


– Ford Reacher, Preston, NYC

“I was never sure about relationship programs but I’m impressed by how much this program helped me learn about women”


– Charlie Cryer, Phoenix, Arizona


What is the The Obsession Method?

The Obsession Method was created by Kate Spring, a dating coach in British Columbia, Canada. It teaches men how to become irresistible to women. As with any dating program, this one can take a bit of practice to become effective, but it can help you open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Whether you want to seduce a girl or create a powerful and lasting relationship, this system will show you how to become more attractive to women. Using the techniques taught in the program, you can learn to make a woman fall in love with you and want to stay with you. The Obsession Method also helps you become more confident. It's a digital program, so you can read it wherever you have access to the Internet. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

In addition to the main ebook, The Obsession Method contains three bonus ebooks that supplement the main ebook and expand on related topics. The bonus ebooks include Making Her Approach You, Sexual Wordsmith, and Sex Text Module. You can also get a mastery package, which includes the 10 Day Body Language Mastery audio course, the Blow Her Mind in Bed ebook, the Keep Her For Good ebook, and the Erogenous Zone Techniques video.

The Obsession Method is a program based on extensive research on human behavioral psychology. It's also based on the psychology of obsession-worthy body language. It's a proven system that's worked for thousands of men worldwide.

How does The Obsession Method work?

The techniques you’ll learn in The Obsession Method are body language techniques, phrases, and other psychological brain hacks that tap into the sexual center of the female brain and make it almost impossible for a woman not to be attracted to you.

Here’s a summary of some of the techniques the program covers.


Precision Tactics

These are an easy-to-learn set of rules that show you exactly when to make a move. You’ll never have a doubt when to ask her out on a date, kiss her, or initiate full-on sex.
Knowing when to make a move and having confidence that she’ll be totally into it is a massive confidence booster. It completely removes the fear of rejection and embarrassment that makes it so hard to try again.

Story Mode 

You’ll learn a special story that will plant the seeds of desire in any woman’s mind and make her subconsciously want and desire you.

I tried this story out to see what would happen and I can tell you that it 100% works.


Body Messages 

The Body Messages section teaches you how to use body language signals to make any woman want to sleep with you on the spot.
Body messages are one of the most powerful tools in the program and are backed up by a lot of scientific research. This makes sense when you realize that a large part of human communication is nonverbal.
Being able to read body language and use it to make a woman desire you almost feels like a superpower. Using body language is so much more powerful than just acting confidently or using pick-up lines.
As one simple example, touching a girl whenever she laughs delivers a Pavlovian response that trains her mind to mentally associate your touch with fun and excitement.

Unstoppable Pickup

In Unstoppable Pickup, you’ll learn the Direction Approach. This is a fool-proof method that makes it easy to pick up any girl you want.
Knowing you have the confidence to successfully pick up the hottest girl in the room has to be one of the best feelings in the world.
And remember, this doesn’t just apply to hitting on girls in a bar. The direction approach works anywhere, including that smoking hot girl you saw on the train, or the girl that works in the café you’ve been fantasizing about for months.

Turn Her On 

The Spring Seduction System is a simple technique you’ll use over and over again to make any girl instantly horny and want to have sex with you. All it requires is an understanding of how female psychology works.

Desire Protocol 

The Desire Protocol teaches you how to make a girl feel a deep and long-term desire for you that’s more than skin deep. This part of the program is all about turning the perfect 10 you’re having sex with into your loving girlfriend.

Subliminal 3’s

The Subliminal Seduction section teaches you how to use subliminal messaging to make a woman instantly want to sleep with you.
Subliminal messaging is very well researched and a powerful psychological phenomenon that is often used in advertising. The amazing thing is, these same techniques can be used on any woman to make her want to have sex with you!

Text Seduction

There’s nothing worse than spending hours trying to write the perfect text to a girl, just to have it completely ignored.
In Text Seduction, Kate Spring teaches you the 3 kinds of text messages you can send a girl that is guaranteed to turn her on and make her want to instantly text you back.
I really liked this part of the program because texting is a nice low-risk way to use your new powers of seduction on Tinder and other dating apps.
The text seduction techniques alone make the entire program worth it and will up your Tinder game 1000%.

Marriage Man

Marriage Man works alongside the Desire Protocol section and teaches you how to get your girl dreaming about marrying you and how to keep her faithful and committed to you forever.

But this is just the beginning. When you decide order my program today, you’ll get the following BONUSES for FREE:


The ‘How to Make Her Approach You’ eBook
Why should men always make the first attempt?
Learn how to make yourself approachable with this download.


The ‘Sex Texts (Get Her into Bed)’ eBook

I used to be a complete loser when it came to sending texts.
Thankfully, the texting tips mentioned in this eBook made me a much less awkward texter.
In fact, using the tips mentioned in this eBook, I’ve genuinely started turning on my women via simple single-sentence texts.


The ‘Sexual Wordsmith: How to Have Sexual Conversations with Women’ eBook

I’ve always felt embarrassed having sexual conversations with anyone, let alone a woman!
Reading this guidebook, I realized that women have similar shyness issues when it comes to sexually charged topics.
So, I followed what was said in this book, put down my fear of rejection, and started having healthy conversations regarding sex with the woman currently in my life.



Once you've purchased the program, you'll also be given a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. This also reveals that the program itself is not out to scam you or out for your money.

There is a level of guarantee and assurance you can expect to have with this product.

There are tons of benefits you will get after using the program are as follows:

  • Win the heart of the woman you love and spend your whole life with her.
  • It prevents you from saying the wrong things at the wrong time, and what to say when the situation calls for it.
  • You will learn ways that bring the best out of you, raising your confidence, leading to a higher success rate.
  • You’ll learn how to secure the relationship after you’ve used The Obsession to land a date.
  • Make communication strong with her.

Frequently Asked Questions About
The Obsession Method

it's for guys that want a girlfriend, a wife or even multiple girls. Once you master the system, you can apply it as many times as possible.

Kate Spring is a dating coach that specializes in making men irresistible to women. She's the author of the best selling program Obsession Method and currently resides in B.C. Canada.

That depends on where you're starting. Usually men start to see improvement instantly and it snowballs from there. In some harder cases, it can take a few weeks of practice to get right.

Obsession Method is ideal if you’re the kind of guy who’s always struggled with girls. You’ve always felt there’s nothing wrong with you per say, but you can’t seem to get it right with women.

Obsession Method will show you how to make a woman desire you more, and it will help you to build better, longer lasting relationships. At less than $70, it offers value for money.

However, the method is only as good as your willingness to implement it properly. If you feel as though you’re ready to give something like this a shot and change your love life, it might well be worth the money. 

Get the complete Obsession Method program for just $69.95


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